Is Anyone Listening?

Disability Achievement Center is a non profit, non residential resource center that serves people of all ages with a disability. It doesn’t matter what age or disability, we do our best to help when there is no one else to turn to. We are a small but mighty Center for Independent Living. Our work isn’t the type that grabs attention, but to the all the people we help, we’re a Godsend. The reason I’m telling you this is because without funding, we can’t install those grab bars or make repairs to equipment that are critical for some people to remain independent. I’m seeing funding evaporate for our efforts and being channeled into the arts and other nice things to have, while we watch people with disabilities become homeless or institutionalized one after the other because no one can help. Did you know that it costs you as a taxpayer every time someone goes into a nursing home? According to data collected by Medicare, the median cost of nursing home facilities in Florida is $83,950 per year. It makes sense to help keep people independent, not just for cost savings, but for well being. Right now, Disability Achievement Center has nearly 100 people on the waitlist for a ramp so they can access the outside world. That translates to a 3 year wait at best. These services are grant driven and funding does no begin to meet the need we see on a daily basis. So, I’m reaching out to this Facebook community for help. The need is tremendous and I welcome your input as to how to drive attention and funding our way. Thanks for listening.

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