You May Be Eligible for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (D-SNAP)!

We have learned that the D-SNAP is NOT yet being implemented for NEW applicants.  Existing SNAP recipients are being contacted.

Because of the unique needs of disaster survivors, D-SNAP uses different standards than normal SNAP. If you would not normally qualify for SNAP, you may qualify for D-SNAP if you had one of the disaster-related expenses below:

  • Home or business repairs
  • Temporary shelter expenses
  • Evacuation or relocation expenses
  • Home or business protection
  • Disaster-related personal injury, including funeral expenses
  • Lost or no access to income due to the disaster, including reduced, terminated, or delayed receipt of income, for a large part of the benefit period
  • In some cases, food loss after a disaster like flooding or power outages

If you’re a current SNAP client, you can request a supplement when your state operates a D-SNAP if you meet the conditions below:

  • You currently get benefits that are less than the monthly maximum, and
  • You have losses from the disaster.

The supplement brings your benefits up to the maximum for your household size. This way benefits are equal between D-SNAP and SNAP households after a disaster.

Current SNAP clients may also request replacement benefits for food that was lost in the disaster and bought with SNAP benefits. Just contact your local office at 1-866-762-2237.

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